MUSC 008F-Women's Glee Club
Spring Semester, 2003

Conductor: Dr. Sue T. Klausmeyer
Contact Information:
Phone: Daytime (919)684-3898 Evenings (919) 524-8668
Address: 9 Pilton Place, Durham, NC 27705

Time and Day: 5:15 - 6:45 p.m., M/W

Course Description:
The Women's Glee Club learns and performs music from a variety of styles and historical periods. We sing choral masterworks, Broadway show tunes, opera choruses, ethnic music, and commissioned works. All women are encouraged to learn to use their voices with confidence and skill through vocal warm-ups, instruction in vocal production, and part-singing. Regular participation at rehearsals is a requirement of the course. Coming to each rehearsal with music and a pencil is a requirement of the course. Singing in all concerts is a requirement of the course.

Performance attire: All women purchase a black concert gown, either new or used. Speak to the choir wardrobe officer about this. The purchase of a new gown runs approximately $80.00

Folders: Black choral folders used in the concerts. These may be purchased in the Student Store for $8.00.

Reserve Listening: There will be recordings of the Britten Ceremony of Carols on reserve in the UNC Music Library. You are expected to listen to this before February 1.

Grading: Women's Glee Club is a course and you will receive a letter grade. Your grade is based on attendance and participation in the class and concerts. You will receive a "A" if you miss no more than 3 rehearsals and sing in the concerts. For additional absences your grade will be lowered, i.e., 4 absences = B, 5 absences = C, 6 absences = D, 7 absences = F. Do not purchase airline tickets without consulting the concert schedule.

Please talk to the conductor in advance if you have to miss a rehearsal or if you have an illness that requires you to miss more than one rehearsal. Let's not compromise the sound of the group because you failed to manage your time wisely. Any exceptions to these policies are at the discretion of the conductor.

Concert Schedule:
Run-out concert- Carol Woods Retirement Community on the Wednesday night after Hill Hall concert, April 16. 7 p.m. concert. 6:00 call. We will car pool out to Carol Woods.

Spring Concert at UNC- Sunday, April 13, 3 p.m. University United Methodist Church Call time: 1:30 p.m. This concert is in combination with the Men's Glee Club.

Rehearsals for spring concert: in Hill Hall
Saturday, April 12, 10-12 noon; Wednesday, April 9, 5:15-7 p.m.; (note extended class time)
*Make arrangements with employers well in advance of these rehearsal times.