Compositions by Sue T. Klausmeyer

Love’s Lessons, 1

Poetry by Sara Teasdale, for medium voice and piano

  1. Advice to a Girl (C4- G5)
  2. Barter (Bb 3-A5)
  3. After Love (D4- F5)

Price: $7.50 (print) or $5.00 (PDF

Love’s Lessons, 2

Poetry by Dorothy Parker, for soprano and piano

  1. One Perfect Rose (B3-F5)
  2. Chant for Dark Hours (C#4-G5)
  3. Ultimatum (C#4-G5)

Price: $7.50 (print) or $5.00 (PDF) 

I met a man who wasn’t there

Poetry by Hughes Mearns, for soprano and piano

Range: D4-Ab5
(final glissando may start as high as possible)

Price: $4.00 (print) or $2.50 (PDF)


Poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay, for medium or high voice and piano

Range:  Key of F (C4-F5), Key of G (D4-G5)

Price: $4.00 (print) or $2.50 (PDF) 

Night Vision

Poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson, for bass/baritone

  1. Windy Night (Ab2- Eb4)
  2. The Land of Nod (Ab2- Eb4)
  3. Young Night Thought (C3-Eb4)

Price: $7.50 (print) or $5.00 (PDF) 

Up in the Air

Poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson, for soprano and piano

  1. The Swing (Eb4- G5)
  2. Autumn Fires (F4- Ab5)
  3. The Wind (Eb4-A5)

Price: $7.50 (print) or $5.00 (PDF) 

As I See It

Poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson, for tenor and piano

  1. Good and Bad Children (C3 – G4)
  2. The Land of Counterpane (C3 – G4)
  3. Farewell to the Farm (C3 – G4)

Price: $7.50 (print) or $5.00 (PDF) 

When I Rise Up

Poetry by Georgia Douglas Johnson, for a cappella Women’s Chorus, SSAA, +6-part ending

Range: G3-B5

Price: $2.00 (print) or $1.25 (PDF) 

Music for Worship Series


Set of 11 a cappella introits for Christian worship.

  1. Ride On in Majesty
  2. Laudate Dominum
  3. This Is the Day
  4. I Give You Thanks
  5. Thy Loving Kindness
  6. Open My Lips
  7. Plenty Good Room
  8. Walk Together Children
  9. The Law of the Lord is Perfect
  10. The Statutes of the Lord Are Right
  11. The Fear of the Lord Is Pure

Price: $3.00 (print) or $1.25 (PDF)